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Fleet Captain:

The sailing and social calendar of the J/24 Class at LEYC is detailed below; as are contact details for the Class at club, national and international level.
Updates to this information will be posted on www.leyc.net and will be emailed to those whom the club captain has email addresses. If you would like to be added to this list or to add your crew, please contact the captain by email (address below).

Jeriatrix - J24

Tuesday J/24 Racing

Gathering for 7pm
First Signal 7.30 pm

Notice of Race click here

Sailing Instructions click here

36 races: most on Tuesdays;6 series of 6 races, two back to back each evening, except Series 7. Some postponed to Thursday for Tuesday launch after Championship travel. First warning 7.00 pm. Details on J/24 notice board. Gate starts; all boats must pass gate boat within 30 seconds.
• Compliance with the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) Irish J/24 Class and International J/24 Class Rules 2005-08, including rule 2.5.8 re. transom sticker, and with amendments only for LEYC Club sailing to allow crew changes in a regatta or series and to make battery and navigation lights optional.
• A boat’s series score counts all race scores (RRS-A2). Number entered (A4.2) will equal the number of boats which start in at least one race of that Series. The first cup listed in each Series is for the winner: the second for another boat’s achievement as judged by the Fleet Captain.

Series 1
3, 10, 17 May
Six races
Series 1
Total Place
Jigalo 4,14,6,1,4 20 3
Jeriatrix 7,7,6,4,4,5 33 6
Jade 7,7,7,7,5,7 40 7
Jet 1,3,1,1,2,1 9 1
Jamias E. 7,7,2,2,7,7 32 5
Jorvik 3,4,5,5,7,3 27 4
Skipjack 2,2,3,3,3,2 15 2

J/24 Spring Jet helmed by M Mc Caldin
EYC Commodore Cups Skipjack helmed by J Kane

Series 2
24, 31 May, 7 Jun
Six races
Holland & LEYC Commodore Cups

Series 3
14, 23(Thurs), 28 June
Six races
FB Maguire & Mahon Cups

Series 4
5, 12, 19 July
Six races
Innishdoney & Capt. Irvine Cups

Series 5
26 July 2, 9 August
Six races
Harry Herbert (A) & Omaglass Cups

Series 6
18(Thurs)(2), 23(1), 30(1) Aug, 6(1), 13(1) Sept Six races
Herbert (1919) & Kirk Cups

J/24 Boats and Owners 2011 Season sailing at LEYC
Jade Sean Mc Cosker Jorvik Brendan Gallagher & Ruth Ritchie
Jamais Encore JP Mc Caldin Luder Too Robin Eagleson
Jasper John Mulholland Murder Picture Michael McCaldin
Jeriatrix Michael Clarke Skipjack John Kane
Jet Michael McCaldin Sayonara Diarmuid O’Donovan
Jigalo Tim Rippey

J/24 Contacts

LEYC J/24 Fleet Captain
Katrina Mc Girr 077 7198 7576 kmcgirr@btinternet.com
J/24 Association of Ireland
Robin Eagleson 079 1864 9315 robin@eagleson.co.uk
UK J/24 Class
Stuart Jardine 015 9064 4728 jardinej24@tiscali.co.uk
International J/24 Association
Eric Faust director@j24class.org

Weekend Racing & Club Activities
Sunday Racing
8 May, 5 Jun, 3 Jul, 31 Jul, 4 Sep
11am or 14.30pm:weather dependent. Fairy races with cruisers

First Race of the Season
3 May Details TBA

Try Sailing Day
2 May Volunteer boats requested

Sailing Treasure Hunt
14 May J24 Social Event

Opening Social Night
14 May Bar and band booked (see poster attached)

Summer Regatta
26/27 June J/24 windward-leeward courses: up to 6 race series Howard Cup, Perpetual J/24 Morris Cup & regatta prizes.

J24 Nationals
13/14 Aug Lough Erne

Leisure Sailing
Sat/Sun afternoons Interested parties contact captain

Prize Giving and Christmas Party
4 December Foxrock (J/24 Woman) Spiers & Miss Irvine Cups and J/24 Big Cup

J/24 National & International Events
Championships in Ireland
18-19 June Westerns, Lough Ree YC
13-14 August Nationals, Lough Erne YC
3-4 Sept Easterns, tbc
9-15 Sep Europeans, Howth

BOAT REGISTRATION FEE: The Boat Registration Fee for the 2011 season will be €60.00. This amount also covers the Individual Membership of the Registered Owner.
INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP: The National Council has decided to re-introduce the individual membership ruling. This requires each crew member at a J24 sanctioned event to be an individual member of the Class. The subscription level for individual membership for the 2011 season will be €10 with a reduction to €5 for full time students or those under 21 years of age at the date of the relevant event.
These are “one-off” payments covering the entire season, and we would appeal to crew members to have some sympathy for their financially hard pressed skippers, and pay their own subscriptions! Application forms for both types of Membership are available from Flor O’Driscoll.
International J/24 Class (see rules at www.j24ireland.com)
Lough Erne’s J/24s are part of the world’s most numerous and widespread fin-keel international one-design class. Class Rule 1.1 defines the J/24 as a one-design class created to fulfil the diverse needs of recreational sailors such as cruising, one-design racing, day sailing and handicap racing. These rules are intended to preserve important design characteristics: ease of handling, low cost of ownership, safety and comfort.
It is the responsibility of an owner to ensure that the yacht complies at all times with the current class rules and that a copy of the Measurement Certificate and the Inventory of Required and Optional Equipment (Rule 3.7.3) are kept aboard the yacht.
No yacht shall race unless the owner(s) and helmsman(men) are full members of an NJCA or the IJCA.
No yacht shall race without a current J/24 Class Association membership sticker placed on the outer face of the transom near the upper starboard.

Websites www.j24ireland.com (Ireland) www.J24class.org (World)

Class members - click on a boat for details

Click here to view fleet photographs

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