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Created: 5/26/2010 4:49:34 PM, Updated: 4/22/2012 6:23:08 AM

Lough Erne Yacht Club was appointed a Volvo Champion Club(VCC) on the 30th April 2002, at an occasion in the House of Sport, one of the first clubs in Northern Ireland to be appointed.

When a club is appointed a VCC, it means that it has given a commitment to provide continuous race training for juniors and youth. The race training must be done in a structured way and be provided by RYA qualified Club Racing Coaches. The Club must also appoint other VCC training staff. e.g. Youth Co-ordinator, etc.

The VCC approach has proved to be very successful. In Lough Erne Yacht Club success has been achieved due to the efforts of the young people, their parents and those providing the race training.

When a club is a VCC, every member of the club is a member of a VCC and is part of working towards achieving the aims of the VCC.

The VCC whilst focusing on race training for young people is not a sub section, but rather the entire club. It has been important that all members of the club understand the VCC approach and support the efforts of young club sailors.

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